My music has its point of departure in observations made in my living environment. Encounters, junctures, abstract patterns etc. all are able to inspire the beginning of a composition.
I like superimpositions, unforeseen changes of perspective and hidden symmetry. I also like to invent logical, but surprising developments of simple material.
Mostly I use succinct note sequences from which motivic groupings, harmonic space, rhythms, proportions and the possibility of musical context are organically derived.
One of my pieces has the movement headings Exactitude, Lightness, Clearness, Multiplicity and Quickness. These terms define the space in which my music moves.


The works of Gerald Resch speak of high musicality and in my opinion he is a remarkable, noteworthy composer. I follow his development for years. He proves to be an independent and autonomous thinker who pursues his clearly notable compositional goals with consistency and sensitivity and who does not pay worship to any of the current ideologies and mannerisms. Especially likeable is his independence.
I wish him a further development that corresponds to his abilities, an open audience – and I wish those who judge his work open ears, a wide heart and an independence of mind corresponding to his own.

(Friedrich Cerha, composer and conductor)

In his works of recent years Gerald Resch has found a very independent expression with great sensitivity for sound and with great sophistication of his musical thinking.

(Beat Furrer, composer and conductor)

Gerald Resch is a musician who has a highly developed auditive capacity, a keen sense for timbre and a high creative intelligence. His music is too strong to have to seek shelter under the protective skin of any ideology. This is quite a relief!

(Thomas Daniel Schlee, composer and artistic director of the festival Carinthischer Sommer)

I first met Gerald Resch during his composition studies at the Vienna Music University. Even at that time his verbal and musical statements were something special and well worth listening to. As soloist I had the pleasure to participate in the genesis of his violin concerto and got to regard him even higher as a free creative spirit. The collaboration was both profound and creative, thought through in every moment, but still spontaneous. I wish his violin concerto a long and intensive life in the repertoire of all daring violinists.

(Patricia Kopatchinskaja, violinist)

In the course of several concerts I have got to know Gerald Resch as an extremely pleasant partner and – something that is not all too common – as a competent composer who very much knows what he wants and who hears what he writes. I regard his mature sense for timbre very highly, as well as his very diverse style and the serious way in which he works on his personal musical language without falling into the annoying moroseness of some colleagues. I am looking forward to his future works.

(Peter Keuschnig, conductor)

curriculum vitae

Gerald Resch, born in Linz, Austria, in 1975, studied composition with Michael Jarrell at the University of Music, Vienna, from 1993–2000. A scholarship at the music university Cologne, where he worked with York Hoeller, stimulated Resch’s interest for working with organic sound sculptures. From 2001 to 2002 Gerald Resch was a postgraduate student of Beat Furrer in Graz which was an important experience for the development of musical economy.
Since 2004 he is teacher for musical analysis at the Bruckner-University Linz, since 2008 senior lecturer for harmony and counterpoint at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

The compositions of Gerald Resch have been performed in Europe, North- and South America and Asia.


march 2010 Guest professor for music analysis and composition at the Higher Institute of Arts Damascus/Syria
since 2008 University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Vienna: composition theory and aural training (since 2009 “Senior Lecturer”)
2008 artistic director of the 17. OEBV-GrabenFestTage Vienna
2007 piano reduction Wolfgang Rihm Penthesilea-Monolog (Universal Edition)
since 2007 music director of Kunstverein Alte Schmiede Wien
2006 piano reduction Morton Feldman Neither (Universal Edition)
since 2004 Anton Bruckner Private University Linz: teacher for music analysis and contemporary music
2004–08 teacher for aural training and composition at the music school Vienna-Margarethen
2002–07 author for Salzburger Festspiele
2002–03 thecrystalweb, Vienna: musical editor of the interdisciplinary research project “digitalCrystal”
2002 Salzburg Festival, Salzburg: collaboration on dramaturgy
since 2000 Jeunesses Musicales: introductory lectures and concert presentations
1997–2008 Österreichische Musikzeitschrift, Vienna: music journalist for ÖMZ and other publications, such as “Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart”, “Komponisten der Gegenwart”

prizes and awards

2012–13 selected for NASOM – New Austrian Sound of Music for the distribution of his music abroad
2011 talent award of the City of Vienna for Composition (Förderungspreis)
2010 scholarship at the Villa Stonborough-Wittgenstein Gmunden
2007–09 composer-in-residence of the Austrian Cultural Forum London in the course of the festival „Soundings“
2007–08 composer-in-residence at the Musikverein Vienna (3 premieres)
2006 Vienna Symphonic Orchestra scholarship
Scholarship of the Federal Chancellery of Austria
2005 scholarship at the Villa Stonborough-Wittgenstein Gmunden
2004 Anton-Bruckner-Scholarship of the province of Upper Austria
2003 Austrian State Scholarship for composition
composer-in-residence at Weimarer Fruehjahrstage fuer Neue Musik
2002 Theodor-Koerner-award of Austria
composer-in-residence of Forum Einklang Mittersill
2001 talent award of the province of Upper Austria
2000 working scholarship of the City of Vienna


2011 Erste Bank award
Collection Serti
Premiere Helmut List-Halle Graz, 07.10.2011
Forum Alpbach
Premiere Alpbach, 18.08.2011
Festival der Regionen
vom rand nach innen
Premiere Attnang-Puchheim, 30.06.2011
2010 Festspielhaus St. Poelten
Cantus Firmus
Premiere Goldener Saal, Musikverein Vienna, 01.10.2010
Asian Culture Link
Zwang/Netz II
Premiere Echoraum Vienna, 08.10.2010
2009 Ensemble die reihe
Grounds für Ensemble
UA ORF-Sendesaal Vienna, 03.06.2009
Musikwettbewerb Gradus ad Parnassum
Figuren for clarinet
Premiere Bruckner-University Linz 07.12.2009
2008 Brucknerfest Linz
Land for orchestra
Premiere Brucknerhaus Linz 14.09.2008
Wiener Concertverein
Fenster for string orchestra
Premiere Musikverein Vienna 16.04.2008
2007 Wiener Concertverein
Spin for chamber orchestra
UA Musikverein Vienna 10.03.2007
Wiener Concertverein
Knoten for bassoon and chamber orchestra
UA Musikverein Vienna 11.11.2007
2006 Allegro Vivo
Five Essays on Italo Calvino for violin, cello and piano
Premiere Horn 16.08.2006
Nebel for violin, cello and piano
Premiere 30.04.2006 Kremsegg
2005 Wien Modern
Schlieren for violin and orchestra
Premiere 25.11.2005
Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam
Fluss Gitter Relief for Sheng and ensemble
Premiere Den Haag 06.02.2005
2004 Klangforum Vienna
Relief for five instruments
Premiere Vienna 03.09.2004
Nederlands Vocaal Laboratorium
Muster for four voices
Premiere Amsterdam 13.06.2004
City of Linz
Passagen for bassoon
Premiere Musikverein Vienna 15.03.2004
2003 Jugendmusikfest Deutschlandsberg
Landschaft mit Wellen for accordion and small ensemble
Premiere Deutschlandsberg 08.11.2003
Festival Klangfluss
Splitter for voice and clarinet
Premiere Amsterdam 13.03.2003
2002 Konzerthaus Berlin
Unruhe bei Windstille und Wind for six percussionists
Premiere Konzerthaus Berlin 20.03.2002
Brucknerhaus Linz
lettura/rilettura for clarinet, cello and piano
Premiere Brucknerhaus Linz 04.03.2002
2001 Karajan-Centrum Vienna
tessuto for viola
Premiere Karajan-Centrum Vienna 20.10.2001
Wiener Konzerthaus / Hoergaenge
Durchlaessige Schichten for ensemble
Premiere 10.03.2001 Wiener Konzerthaus
2000 Double Image
verlaufen vermehrt for flute and percussion
Premiere Baltimore 03.04.2001
Asian Culture Link / China Found Music Workshop Taipeh
Zwang/Netz for five traditional chinese instruments
Premiere 05.04.2000 Wiener Konzerthaus


Traunsee, in august

also Traunsee, also in august

Daddy and Bach
(painted by Mila, 3 years)

photo: Carla, 4 years

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