nach Haikus von HC Artmann
für Stimme und Klavier (Tasten und Innenraum)

16. Juni 2018 Wien

Anfang der 1980er Jahre schrieb HC Artmann einen Zyklus aus 61 österreichischen Haikus mit dem Titel Nachtwindsucher. Diese Texte faszinieren mich in ihrem strengen Erfüllen der Form, ihrer Konkretheit und ihrer gleichzeitigen Offenheit.

ein nachtwindsucher
unsere fernsehantenne
einsam trink ich bier

Ich freue mich sehr, dass die japanische Sopranistin Kaoko Amano eine Auswahl aus meinem neuen Zyklus
zur Uraufführung bringen wird. Kaoko hat bereits meine Vokalwerke Bruchstücke und Splitter für Stimme und Klarinette zur Aufführung gebracht und ist dadurch mittlerweile zur Expertin für meine Vokalmusik geworden.
Ich versuche in meiner Komposition, ein labiles Gleichgewicht zwischen drei Klang-Ebenen herzustellen: einerseits Gesang, zweitens normaler Klavierton und drittens Erweiterungen der Resonanz-Tiefe durch Manipulationen auf den Saiten im Klavier-Innenraum.

Concerto for Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra

28 September 2018 Götzens/Tyrol

I composed a Saxophone Concerto in response to a commission from the Kammerorchester Innstrumenti and its director Gerhard Sommer, based on an excerpt from the First Letter to the Corinthians which has occupied me for quite some time: “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, as I am fully known.”
The world premiere of this work, about 12 minutes in duration, will be given on Friday, 28 September 2018 in the Götzen Parish Church, with the young saxophonist Andreas Mader performing the solo part.

Reflection on Schubert’s Trout Quintet

2 October 2018 Trier

The “Trout Quintet” of Franz Schubert is as perfect as it is popular. But should Schubert‘s sole piano quintet only be interpreted strictly according to the musical text, or is there a lot more that can be done with it? Five international soloists posed this question to composers from five European countries one “night in the museum”. Their answer is exciting and thoroughly modern. The variation movement based on Schubert’s song “The Trout” is supplemented by five variations by five composers. The focus is on a different instrument in each variation: violin (Lena Neudauer), viola (Wen Xiao Zheng), cello (Danjulo Ishizaka), double bass (Rick Stotijn) and piano (Silke Avenhaus). The composers are: Ferran Cruixent (Spain), Osmo Tapio Räihälä (Finland), Gerald Resch (Austria), Johannes X. Schachtner (Germany) and Dejan Lazić (Croatia).




Commission of Ensemble Lux

12 December 2017

I composed my String Quartet No. 2 for the Ensemble Lux . This piece with the subtitle “Copies” consists of four brief duos for different combinations leading to four more extensive quartets.
As a whole, this String Quartet (similarly to my First String Quartet Torn Time Shadowing from the years 1995–1998) allows materials from very different sources to flow together into a unified, characteristic style.

Trio Fruehstueck in the MUTH

7 November 2017

The MUTH commissioned me to compose a new piano trio for the Trio Frühstück (Breakfast Trio). AND ABOVE YOU THE SEA refers to three brief poems by the young author Ferdinand Schmalz. His musical language meanders in a virtuoso manner between precise everyday description and absurd exaggeration.
In this Piano Trio – my fourth composition for this combination – I attempt to move the sonic possibilities in a completely different direction through playing on the inside of the piano. According to my taste, it corresponds well to Ferdinand Schmalz’s literature.
Ferdinand Schmalz is the prize winner of the 2017 Ingeborg Bachmann Prize.

Bachmann-Preis 2017


Opera Duisburg

3 October 2017–11 July 2018

After the world premiere in Dortmund in May 2017 the production is moving on to the Duisburg Opera. Lukas Beikircher is the musical director with the Ensemble and Choir of the Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf/Duisburg accompanied by the Duisburg Philharmonic.

Based on Jonathan Swift‘s novel of 1726, John von Düffel, writer and dramatic advisor at the Deutscher Theater in Berlin, wrote a wonderful libretto that I set to music in response to a commission from the Dortmund Opera.

The full-length work Gulliver’s Travel is concerned with the different ways of people and their points of view. Gulliver‘s strange, funny and adventurous experiences with the Lilliputians and the possibility of friendship despite their differences are the central focus of my opera for seven singers, choir and orchestra.

After the series of performances in Dortmund, the work will also be seen at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf/Duisburg and the Bonn Theatre.


Oper Duisburg


Kritik Opernmagazin

Kritik RP

ISLANDS for Orchestra
World Premiere in Bucharest, First Austrian Performance in Vienna’s Musikverein

During the opening of the season of 2016/17 my orchestral work Islands will be premiered. I composed this piece on commission from the Vienna RSO and its chief conductor, Cornelius Meister. The four percussionists and the four hornists crucially define the orchestral events as the music repeatedly thins out into reduced, but tense areas in order to build more tension from there and to be able to turn into new directions.

The world premiere will take place on 29 September 2016 in Bucharest, the next day will see the “Islands’” performance in the Golden Hall of Vienna’s Musikverein.


A Family Opera for the Dortmund Opera
World Premiere 21 May 2017

Based on Jonathan Swift’s 1726 novel John von Düffel, writer and dramatic adviser at the Deutsches Theater Berlin, wrote a wonderful libretto which I am currently setting to music, commissioned by the Dortmund Opera.

The full-length opera Gulliver’s Journey for all audiences from 8 years deals with the diversity of people and their perspectives. Gulliver’s strange, funny and adventurous encounters with the Lilliputians and the possibility of friendship across differences are at the core of my opera for seven singers, chorus and orchestra.

After the Dortmund series of performances, the piece will also be performed at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf/Duisburg and at the Theater Bonn.


Advanced Dance Music
Bossa Nova Arabica on CD With the RSO Vienna

The requirement was as simple as complex. The commissioned piece was supposed to succeed not in front of a sitting, but with a dancing audience and was to provide an evening’s dance entertainment.

The implementation was successful in 2013 in the Grand Hall of the Vienna Konzerthaus during the WIEN MODERN festival, performed by the ORF RSO Vienna. Initiated by Christian Scheib, the director of the RSO Vienna, and Matthias Losek, the director of the festival WIEN MODERN, my Bossa Nova Arabica saw its world premiere, which is now available on CD.


Incidental Music “The Little Boy and the Beast”
For the Landestheater Linz

2 December 2015 – 18 May 2016

Author and stage director Margit Mezgolich prepared a stage version of the wonderful children’s book “The Little Boy and the Beast” by Marcus Sauermann and Uwe Heidschötter. “The Little Boy and the Beast” tells empathically and full of humor from the perspective of a little boy how the parents change after a divorce and finally find their way back to themselves. Margit Mezgolich’s family drama is being premiered in the u/hof of the Landestheater Linz. I am delighted to have been able to write the music for her dramatization: my first encounter with beatboxing and loop machines.


KRONE_4.12.2015.pdf (960Kb)

NeuesVolksblatt_3.12.2015.pdf (781Kb)

Opera povera “The Breasts of Tiresias”
For the Kabinetttheater Vienna

10–15 November 2015

I composed an opera povera for the Kabinetttheater of Vienna based on Guillaume Apollinaire’s surrealist drama Les mamelles de Tirésias.
Apollinaire questioned the equality of the sexes in a drastic manner as early as 1916. Are men and women equal in every aspect? Can they be interchanged or even replaced? What are the uncertainties, what is the elbowroom brought about by the exchange of gender roles? Apollinaire finds whimsical images: flying breasts, talking kiosks, dolls falling in love with singers…

Featuring Ulla Pilz, Bartolo Musil, Maria Frodl and the puppeteers of the Kabinetttheater.


Piano Trio “Sostenuto”
for the Eisenstadt Haydn Festival

10 October 2015

The Haydn Chamber Ensemble approached me with the wish to write a piano trio referring to Joseph Haydn’s “romantic” aspect. His piano trio in D Hob.XV/24 is an excellent example for Haydn’s opening the doors wide to usher in a new epoch during the last decade of his activity. The initial impulse for Sostenuto was studying Haydn’s piano trio in D.

The Haydn Chamber Ensemble will be performing the world premiere at the 2015 Haydn Festival on 10 October in Schloss Esterházy, Eisenstadt.

Scene. Timeless, Placeless
For the Adevantgarde Festival Munich

12 June 2015

I am writing Scene. Timeless, Placeless for the Adevantgarde Festival of Munich; a composition for tenor, baritone and ensemble referring to the Old High German “Hildebrandslied”. I rewrote the two text versions from the 9th and 15th centuries, depicting an insoluble father/son conflict, to my own free version; my music is based on this libretto. In this manner the archaic scene was, in a way, neutralized, that is, made timeless and placeless.

The première takes place on 12 june 2015 with Ensemble Schwerpunkt and Ensemble risonanze erranti conducted by Peter Tilling at the Hofkirche of the Munich Residency.

Finger Tip Dances for Ensemble

9 June 2015

Commissioned by the Brücken Festival of Mürzzuschlag and its artistic director, Ernst Kovacic, I arranged 8 pieces from my Finger Tip Dances for a flexible school music ensemble: 5 winds (e.g. flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet and bassoon), 1 – 2 percussionists and 3 or more strings (a minimum of 2 violins and cello) will be premièring the piece on 9 June in Mürzzuschlag.

Composer Lecture at the MusicOlomouc Festival

21 April 2015

At the 7th International MusicOlomouc Festival I will be delivering a lecture on Das Gemeindekind. At the occasion of the performance of my Phantasy on Triads on 20 and 24 April I was asked to deliver a composer lecture. I am excited to find out how “Das Gemeindekind”, which is, after all, set near Olomouc – about 80 km to the South, in Kunovice –, is going to be discussed almost on location.

Music Theater “Das Gemeindekind”
For the Schauspielhaus Vienna

March and April 2015

I am delighted to be able to write my first musical theater work, Das Gemeindekind, a singspiel on a libretto by young German author Anne Habermehl , commissioned by the Schauspielhaus Wien.

The Schauspiel haus ensemble members will sing and will be accompanied by “Ensemble PHACE”.

The world premiere will be on 5 March 2015 in the Vienna Schauspielhaus, further performances will take place on the following dates:

Fr 6 March – Fr 20 March – Sa 21 March – Tue 31 March
Wed 1 April – Fr 10 April – Sa 11 April – Sa 18 April – Tue 21 April

MICA-Interview about Das Gemeindekind

Reviews on “Das Gemeindekind”

Wiener Zeitung

Die Presse

European Cultural News

Der Standard

Tiroler Tageszeitung


Mottingers Meinung

Bridges for Cello Solo in Hamburg

November and December 2014

Commissioned by the Hamburg Symphony I wrote 9 pieces for their solo cellist, Arne-Christian Pelz, interludes for the 6 cello solo suites by J. S. Bach. Arne-Christian Pelz has prepared a highly personal compilation of the 6 Bach suites following theological reflections. My Bridges intimately refer to this.
The project is supplemented by a video piece by Berlin artist Aron Kitzig, who uses and adapts baroque vanitas motifs in an extremely ingenious way.

Upper Austrian Cultural Prize for Music

November 2014

The province of Upper Austria has awarded me the Upper Austrian Cultural Award for Music. I am delighted with this distinction! During the ceremonial act my “Figures” for alto saxophone and two Lines next to each other for two bassoons will be performed.

And on 16 April 2015 Ensemble Arcantus will sing my Seven Madrigals in the ORF Landesstudio Linz during the “Treffpunkt Neue Musik”.

Orchestra piece “Land”

25 and 26 October 2014

In celebration of the Austrian National Holiday the Vienna Symphony will perform (on 25 October in the Vienna Musikverein and on 26 October in the Konzerthaus) my orchestral work Land under the baton of Jakub Hrůša. The piece was written for the opening of the 2008 Linz Brucknerfest and takes two melodic fragments from the Austrian National Anthem as musical raw material; these are kept in constant metamorphosis.
The concert will also feature Smetana’s “Má Vlast”.

„Al fresco“ on 3SAT

17 August 2014

On Sunday, 17 August (10:45 am), 3Sat will show the 73-minute TONALI documentary “Ciao Cello” by Hannes Treiber. In this documentary about the Hamburg TONALI competition my cello solo piece Al fresco, which was the winner of the TONALI composition competition 2012, can be heard. In an exciting film sequence one sees and hears how different the 12 participating young cellists’ approaches to my piece have been.

Tonali Film

Ciao Cello

New CD “Five Essays after Italo Calvino”

May 2014

The Trio 3:0 presents its debut CD. The recording is entirely dedicated to modern / contemporary music from Austria. Apart from works by Anton von Webern and Friedrich Cerha the CD contains my piano trio Five Essays after Italo Calvino.
The CD was produced by Coviello Classics, a German record label whose productions have already won several times the Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik and the Echo Klassik Award.

Drift for Violoncello and Chamber Orchestra

March 18, 19 and 21, 2014

Commissioned by conductor Peter Sommerer I wrote a concert piece for cello and chamber orchestra named Drift. The piece will have its world premiere on March 18 with rising soloist Alexey Stadler and the Schleswig-Holsteinisches Symphonieorchester conducted by Peter Sommerer in Schleswig; the following days will see performances in Flensburg and Rendsburg.


Finger Tip Dances

November 21 and December 5, 2013

For the ninth birthday of my daughter, Mila, I wrote Finger Tip Dances – 13 not-too-difficult pieces for piano. Parts of this cycle will be first performed in two concerts. On November 21 in the department of musicology of the University of Vienna, performed by Ingrid Schraffl, on December 5 in the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Musik at a lecture recital, performed by Elisabeth Aigner-Monarth.

Seven Madrigals
for the International Paul Hofhaymer Society

November 25, 2013

I composed Seven Madrigals for the Salzburg-based International Paul Hofhaymer Society. These pieces are settings of seven contemporary German love poems (by Ernst Meister, Wolf Biermann, Christine Busta, Günter Guben, Karl Krolow, Günter Kunert and Andrea Heuser). The Paul Hofhaymer Ensemble conducted by Herbert Grassl will perform the world premiere on November 25, 2013, in the Salzburg Schlosskirche.


Bossa Nova Arabica
Commissioned by Wien Modern and the RSO Vienna

November 7, 2013

The RSO and Wien Modern ask you for a dance in a concert titled “Advanced Dance Music” on November 7, 2013. That is, music really meant to be danced to. Composed by contemporary composers for the RSO Vienna and Wien Modern. With the audience on the dance floor instead of in rows of chairs—that is this evening’s challenge to audience, orchestra and composers.
For this occasion I composed Bossa Nova Arabica. A piece that fuses elements of Brazilian Bossa Nova with traditional Arabian elements.

Wien Modern

World Premiere of Antipodes at Festival Wien Modern

November 5, 2013

This year’s Wien Modern festival will see the world premiere of my composition Antipodes. The piece is for trombone and small ensemble and refers to the circumstance that every possible place has a kind of “counter-place” that is, as its antipode, closely, if invisibly, interrelated with it.

Wien Modern

Commission from the Lockenhaus Festival
for the Neue Stuttgarter Vocalsolisten

July 7, 2013

The Lockenhaus Festival (artistic director: Nicolas Altstaedt) has commissioned me to write two madrigals for five voices, violin and cello meant to take the festival’s motto, SCHULD UND SÜHNE (Crime and Punishment) into account. These pieces will have their world premiere on July 7, 2013, in Lockenhaus, performed by the Neue Stuttgarter Vocalsolisten—the entire cycle of 7 madrigals will be premiered in November 2013 in Salzburg.

Commission from the City of London Festival 2013

June 26, 2013

The City of London Festival has asked me to write a new piece for mezzo-soprano and string quartet. Wien Flakturm Esterhazypark refers to a text by Ferdinand Schmatz; Loré Lixenberg and the Brodsky Quartet will perform the world premiere in June, 2013, in the Drapers’ Hall, London. “Wien Flakturm Esterhazypark” will then go on tour through Derry, Utrecht, Berlin, Vienna, Dubrovnik, Nicosia and Jerusalem.

City of London Festival

Visiting Professor in Amman, Jordania

April 2013

On behalf of the Austrian Association for Contemporary Art and Music (AACAM) I will give lectures on my music at the King’s Academy in Amman, Jordan, and will prepare my works with the local students. Apart from the piano trio Nebel an ensemble work will be premiered that will be arranged for the Jordan musicians only on location.

King’s Academy

Sikorski New Publisher

March 2013

I am delighted to have joined the publishing program of Sikorski Hamburg! Thus, all my works from 2012 onwards will be published by Sikorski.

Sikorski Musikverlage Hamburg

Reviews about my CD “Collection Serti”

Bavarian Broadcast Company BR recommended my CD “Collection Serti”, edited by label KAIROS. A very positive review about the CD can be found at the BR homepage. In addition to this, a review of the CD has been published in the december 2012-issue of the Oesterreichische Musikzeitschrift (OEMZ), and another one at the blog of the italian music critic Ettore Garzia

CD-recommendation BR Klassik

Blog Ettore Garzia – Percorsi Musicali

Commission for the City of London Festival 2013

City of London Festival commissioned me with writing a new piece for mezzo soprano and string quartet. Wien Flakturm Esterhazypark refers to a text by Austrian poet Ferdinand Schmatz. Mezzo soprano Loré Lixenberg and the Brodsky String Quartet are going to bring this piece to its premiere on June 24th at Drapers’ Hall London. Subsequently, “Wien Flakturm Esterhazypark” will go on tour to Derry, Utrecht, Berlin, Wien, Dubrovnik, Nicosia and Jerusalem.

City of London Festival

Short movie about Gerald Resch, directed by Doblinger music publishing house

Portrait Gerald Resch

Doblinger music publishing house directed a 9-minute-film about me, in which I talk about my aesthetics while several music examples give a good impression of my music. Subtitles in english.

New CD release at label KAIROS

In occasion of the Erste Bank Composition Prize 2011 a new portrait-CD with my works has been published. Apart from Collection Serti, the awarded piece for Klangforum Vienna, my Viola Concerto Ein Garten. Pfade, die sich verzweigen, the clarinet piece Figuren and the symphony Cantus Firmus appear on this CD.


1st prize for al fresco at the TONALI-composition competition

Gerald Resch won the TONALi12 composition competition. He convinced the jury (under the patronage of Sofia Gubaidulina) with his composition al fresco for cello solo. The composition that lasts about 7 minutes is awarded with 2.000 Euro and will be published by Sikorski. In addition to this, al fresco will be the required piece for all 12 TONALi finalists and will be performed by all of them on august 21st 2012. On the evening of the Grand Prix finale it will be played again on august 25th 2012 by the winner of TONALi.

Tonali 2012

NASOM – New Austrian Sound of Music 2012–13

Gerald Resch is selected to join the 2012/2013 NASOM – New Austrian Sound of Music

NASOM is an initiative of the Austrian Foreign Ministery in cooperation with MICA – Music Information Center Austria.

With the aid of the worldwide networking of austrian embassys, cultural forums and consulates, abroad performances of Gerald Resch’s music will be supported.

Wien Modern

november 2011

Gerald Resch will be one of the featured composers at Festival Wien Modern 2011. His new piece for Klangforum Vienna Collection Serti will be performed as well as the violin concerto Schlieren, the orchestra piece Ein Stück Land and the ensemble pieces Knoten , Ein Garten. Pfade, die sich verzweigen and Grounds. Besides, he will lead a workshop with teenagers, with whom he is going to elaborate their own composition.

Wien Modern

video of Georg Lembergh

Video Wind Up

The photographer and video artist Georg Lembergh produced a short film entitled
Wind Up . He let himself guide associatively by the music of Gerald Resch, and formed a suite of powerful images, that are inspired by excerpts of the compositions Spin, Cantus Firmus and Fenster.

Erste Bank Composition Award

november 2011

Gerald Resch is the recipient of the 2011 Erste Bank Composition Award. He is writing a piece for spatially arranged ensemble titled “Collection Serti” for the Klangforum Wien. The piece’s world premiere will be held on October 7, 2011, in the Helmut List Halle of Graz during the musikprotokoll of the steirischer herbst festival; further performances taking place on November 5 and 6 in Vienna’s Konzerthaus during the festival Wien Modern. The work will also be released by Kairos on a Gerald Resch portrait CD.

Erste Bank
Klangforum Wien

Forum Alpbach

august 2011

Gerald Resch has been commissioned by the European Forum Alpbach to write a quartet for flute, clarinet, cello and piano for the opening of the 2011 forum. “Zweige” (boughs/branches) refers to this year’s forum’s theme, “justice”, and establishes, in 9 movements symmetrically increasing and decreasing in duration, possibilities of musical dialogue. The world premiere given by the ensemble Phace will take place on August 18, 2011, in Alpbach.

Forum Alpbach 2011

Ensemble Phace

Radio Ö1: Ein Garten, Pfade, die sich verzweigen

april 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 will see the broadcast by Austrian national radio station Ö1 of a recording of “Ein Garten. Pfade, die sich verzweigen” at 11:03 pm. Ursula Strubinsky has prepared this broadcast of a concert given by Ensemble Kontrapunkte in Vienna’s Musikverein on Monday, April 4, 2011. Gertrude Rossbacher plays the solo viola, the conductor is Peter Keuschnig.

Radio Ö1

Ensemble Kontrapunkte

World Premiere of Cantus Firmus

october 2010

Gerald Resch has been commissioned to write a piece for the Lower Austrian Tonkünstler Orchestra for the opening of the 2010 season. “Cantus Firmus” will be performed for the first time on October 1, 2010, in the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein.

Musikverein Wien

Tonkünstler Orchester Niederösterreich

Kritik MICA

Scholarship of the Villa Stonborough-Wittgenstein Gmunden

august 2010

Gerald Resch has been invited already for the second time to spend a summer month in an atelier apartment owned by the Province of Upper Austria in the Villa Stonborouh-Wittgenstein in Gmunden, Upper Austria.

Guest Professor in Damascus/Syria

march 2010

Gerald Resch has been invited by the AACAM to teach music analysis and composition at the Damascus Higher Institute of Arts in March, 2010. Apart from works by Johannes Brahms and Gottfried von Einem the program will also include new works by contemporary Syrian composers.



march 2009

Edition Zeitton has published a portrait CD with works by Gerald Resch. Apart from the three chamber orchestra pieces he composed as composer in residence for the Wiener Concertverein in 2007/08 (“Spin”, “Knoten” and “Fenster”) the CD also contains the piano trio “Fünf Versuche nach Italo Calvino” and “Nebeneinanderlinien” for two bassoons.

Edition Zeitton

CD Schlieren

october 2008

The label Col Legno has published the violin concerto “Schlieren”, which Gerald Resch had composed for the 2005 festival Wien Modern, Patricia Kopatchinskaja being the breathtaking soloist of the world premiere. The CD also contains the violin concertos of Otto M. Zykan and Gerd Kühr.

Patricia Kopatchinskaja

Col Legno

CD-Kritik Stefan Drees